Integral Learning Academy's Comprehensive Strategy to Unlocking Our Students' Full Potential

Why Choose Integral Learning Academy

Highly Qualified Tutors
In Integral Learning Academy, our tutors play a key role in students’ academic success. That is why they are handpicked to serve your child’s needs. These tutors are experienced and NIE-trained who can bring your child to his/her personal best.

Thorough Preparation
The vast majority of private tutors simply ‘turn-up-and-teach’ without adequate preparation. We believe that many subjects require understanding, and not just regurgitating facts. In Integral Learning Academy, we recognise the importance of imparting knowledge in a clear and coherent way. We do not risk an incomplete, confused or incoherent explanation which may instil confusion in the student, rather than confidence.

Individualised Lesson Material
In Integral Learning Academy, our lesson materials are specially crafted to complement each lesson. We design routine questions for practice, as well as higher-order thinking questions to challenge each student.

Out-of-lesson Support
We provide our students with out-of-lesson support when needed. Students are free to do their work in our complimentary studying areas, and ask any available tutors for help if necessary. This avoids stagnation in their learning.

Assessment and Revision Notes
In Integral Learning Academy, we believe in doing retrieval practice. The established way to do that is to review topics at set intervals. We follow this timeframe, setting corrections the week after a topic is learned and then testing the student and setting further corrections to ensure all that hard earned knowledge isn’t wasted.

Our students are given past year examination papers for practice – but only at the right time, once they have deep understanding of all of the individual topics within the syllabus. We conduct intensive exam-preparation workshops in order to help each child peak in their academic performance.

In Integral Learning Academy, students are given the autonomy to select convenient days/ time-slots to suit their busy schedules. This allows them to be in their optimal state of mind for learning. They are also given the flexibility to sign up additional time-slots as learning support for their academic assessments in schools.

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