Integral Learning Academy

A Singapore Tuition Centre With a Holistic Solution to Boost Your Child’s Academic Capabilities

Why Choose Integral Learning Academy

Highly Qualified Tutors

Our tutors are expert educators, previously from Raffles Institution and Ministry of Education Singapore, equipped with the professional knowledge to help your child to succeed in academic learning.


With increasing commitments your child has in school, we conduct flexible sessions to suit your child’s busy schedule.

Individualized Lesson Material

Every child is unique. Our exclusive lesson materials are specially designed to cater to your child’s learning needs.

Exam Focused

We recognize that academic grades steer the future of your child. Effective examination-focused sessions are conducted to help each child peak in their academic performance.

Out-of-lesson Support

Our conducive study areas are complimentary for use by our students. Professional tutors will be around to assist them in their studies and revision.

Assessment and Revision Notes

At Integral Learning Academy, we review the student’s progress through formative assessments at timely intervals. We believe consistent feedback fosters improvements.


“Students may not remember exactly what you did, or what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel”