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Math Tuition Singapore: Math Classes to Empower Your Child with the Total Kit for Mathematical Excellence

We Make Distinction in Reach for Math of All Levels

At Integral Learning Academy, we communicate the intricacies of math with refined and innovative teaching methods. Be it strengthening the foundation of basic concepts, familiarizing with the school syllabus via practice questions and hands-on activities, or developing the critical thinking skills required of more abstract concepts, our specialized math tuition centre is capable of giving your child a platform to bound from their current level to a supreme understanding of mathematics. 

Our experienced tutors and proven strategies have helped our students achieve more than 90% distinction rates for Primary, Secondary, Integrated Programme (IP) and Junior College (JC) levels. Believing that math tuition for students is more than assigning challenging questions, our passionate tutors take pride in delivering structured lesson plans with complete attention to monitor, track and advance individual students fully. We support optimal learning conditions with an unmatched holistic approach that targets the cores of structure, guidance and engagement of our lessons. Our programmes are more than a session of cramming formulas and key concepts – they are an intriguing academic journey that unlocks higher-order thinking and eliminates exam anxiety.

Our Team of Quality Tutors are Highly Experienced Former Raffles Institution and MOE School Teachers

Behind batches of prolific high achievers from Integral Learning Academy is a strong and steadfast team of math teachers. Through strict and detailed assessments and evaluations, we handpick the finest quality of tutors to guarantee nothing short of the best learning experience for our students. Our tutors are trained to adapt to diverse teaching styles, customize their lessons to fit the needs of students, as well as devote complete attention to them, addressing each and every one of their academic concerns. 

From primary levels’ basic maths concepts, secondary levels’ additional mathematics, to JC’s H2 math, our math tutors are well-versed in not only imparting thorough knowledge on subjects, but also conditioned to boost students’ problem-solving skills while fortifying their ability to categorize and apply concepts. This effective learning technique and top-tier teaching methodology can only be honed by years, and for some, decades of practice. Having explored the local math curriculum inside out, these skilled teachers hold the key to unlocking your child’s full potential in conquering the most difficult questions to master mathematics – enabling them to solve mathematical problems and explain concepts effortlessly.

Our Recent Achievements

Well-Organized, Comprehensive and Interactive Lessons

We at Integral Learning Academy prioritize the content and structure of our classes, as we recognize that the quality of our programmes are pivotal to our students’ impression of mathematics and success. Rather than teaching on the fly, hours of planning and years of searching for the most effective framework go into our meticulously crafted lessons. This is a combination of purposeful and mindful learning by enumerating lesson objectives, clear and accurate explanation of math concepts, discussion-based learning, formative and summative assessments, among others. 

Piquing the interest of our students is also crucial for a powerful learning experience. By making each lesson fun, appealing and informative, our students are more likely to be motivated and participative than in any other environment. A natural and genuine interest fostered in our students then invites other cumulative positive impacts, such as better retention, confidence in approaching challenging topics, increased creativity and curiosity, and ultimately, better academic performance. All these are aims that Integral Learning Academy wishes to achieve with your child progressively and gradually. Together, we can beat learning gaps, the national average, and provide an enriching mathematical learning journey all at once.

Importance of Math Tuition in Singapore

Mathematics is a fundamental discipline that plays a critical role in Singapore’s education system. It helps students develop an extensive range of skills that are crucial for success in various fields such as science, engineering, finance, and technology. This has led to a pronounced national emphasis on mathematics in various educational assessments, such as the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE), O-Level Examination and A-Level Examination.

Benefits of Integral Learning Academy's Math Tuition

Our experienced tutors have garnered teaching experience from RI, one of the topmost Integrated Programme (IP) Junior Colleges (JC) in Singapore. Their accomplishments and proficiency in education and mathematics allow them to instruct and teach effectively, helping students grasp the material rapidly and intelligibly – no matter if it is simple concepts or more complex concepts at hand.

Besides incorporating innovative teaching methods throughout the period of time in class, our maths teachers also supply students with additional practice and support outside the classroom for a reinforced maths foundation, wherein they can find an improved understanding and conviction in their abilities. We don’t hold back when it comes to going the extra mile for our students, and it is a mindset that has proven to be highly effective for students under our wing.

One-on-One Guidance in Small Class Sizes

Each math learning group at Integral Learning Academy is arranged to accommodate a reduced class size for our students to receive personalized and targeted support, as they deserve. Tutors make the most out of this compact class time to identify stronger and weaker students, giving them the tailored mentorship they require to move up and forward in group tuition settings. At the same time, our learning groups allow students to engage in friendly discussions with peers to deepen their understanding of topics, and nurture a sense of healthy competition to encourage motivation and excellence.

Identifying and Troubleshooting Learning Gaps and Other Challenges

We do much more than teach. For your child to assimilate and absorb productively, our math tuition centre takes the time to evaluate and pinpoint the gaps in their knowledge and understanding of key concepts. This analysis helps to enhance effective learning, cementing the groundwork for their mathematical skills.

Gearing Up Our Students to Be Exam-Ready

Running at the forefront of the most highly acclaimed maths tuition centres, Integral Learning Academy activates award-winning teachers in the most prestigious educational institutes to prepare students for exams, particularly for those of the national scale (PSLE, O-Levels, A-Levels). The guidance we provide ensures students are firing on all cylinders, from guidance on exam strategies, ways to overcome exam anxiety, practice with past exam papers from top schools and so on.

Holistic Cognitive Development

Mathematics can strengthen reasoning and critical thinking in the brain by improving cognitive abilities. It can help you grapple with abstract, analytical and logical concepts easier by identifying connections and breaking down complex problems into smaller, more digestible parts. At Integral Learning Academy, we let our students attempt various types of questions, expanding their capacity to explore cause-and-effect relationships, real-world applications and more.

Igniting Passion

The pathway to good grades does not have to be dreary. While most maths students grow up developing a disdain for the subject due to burnout, the overwhelming curriculum, as well as the stress of dealing with daunting national examinations, the students at Integral Learning Academy approach these situations with ease, having found an authentic curiosity for and a broad and deep understanding of mathematics and their most complex concepts. Our experienced tutors can impart not only knowledge but also wisdom and personal anecdotes that can inspire and captivate students with focused attention, even with our short but compact class time. This is where our dedicated teachers’ passion in teaching really cuts through, making the learning journey a truly joyful experience.

Why Is Your Child Not Performing Well in Math?

Mathematics is one of the most essential and useful subjects that are taught in schools. However, many kids develop an aversion towards it as they grow older. This often stems from a lack of interest or motivation, but it can also be attributed to the difficulty level of maths problems increasing over time. Many young students struggle with math because their foundations are not strong enough. Therefore, if they don’t work on building their skills and knowledge now, it will only become more challenging for them later on.

Apart from it being a compulsory subject, one significant reason why children should focus on building a robust foundation in maths is because it affects other subjects as well. Physics and chemistry, in particular, depend heavily upon mathematical concepts, formulae and equations. If a student does not have a firm grasp on these concepts and how to apply them correctly, they are bound to struggle with these sciences too. Furthermore, poor performance in mathematics can also affect one’s self-esteem and confidence levels, which could lead to a negative attitude towards academics as a whole. Therefore, parents must encourage their children to pay attention to maths early on so that later years’ academic performances can remain stable or even improve over time.

What to Know about the Math Programmes We Offer

Primary (PSLE) Math

The Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) is a national exam taken by all Primary 6 students in Singapore at the end of their primary school education. The PSLE is a high-stakes exam that determines the secondary school placement for each student based on their results.

Here are some key facts about the PSLE in Singapore:

  • Subjects Tested: PSLE tests students in four areas: English Language, Mathematics, Science, and Mother Tongue (Chinese, Malay, or Tamil).
  • Format: PSLE consists of both multiple-choice questions and open-ended questions, such as problem sums. The exam is conducted over four days, with each day allocated to one subject.
  • Scoring System: PSLE is scored on a scale of 200 to 400. The scores are based on the students’ performance in each subject, and the aggregate score is used to determine the students’ secondary school placement.
  • Secondary School Placement: Students are placed in secondary schools based on their PSLE results. The secondary schools are ranked based on their academic performance, and students are assigned to schools based on their scores and school choices.
  • Importance of PSLE: PSLE is a critical exam that decides the academic pathway of students in Singapore. High-performing students can qualify for the Gifted Education Program or the Integrated Programme, while others may attend secondary schools based on their academic performance or preference.
  • Preparing for PSLE: Students in Singapore undergo rigorous preparations for PSLE, which include additional tuition classes, mock exams, and a wide scope of revision materials. Many students also attend specialized PSLE preparation courses to increase their chances of success.

Secondary (O-Level) Math

The O-Level examination in Singapore is a national examination taken by students at the end of their four or five years of secondary education. It is an important examination that determines students’ eligibility for admission to post-secondary institutions, such as Junior Colleges, Polytechnics, and Institutes of Technical Education.

Here are some key facts about the O-Level examination in Singapore:

  • Subjects Tested: The O-Level examination tests students in a range of subjects, including English Language, Mathematics (A and E Math), Science, Humanities, Mother Tongue, and others.
  • Format: The O-Level examination consists of both written and practical components. The written examination is typically conducted over two to three weeks, and the practical components may be conducted earlier or later than the written exams.
  • Scoring System: The O-Level examination is scored on a scale of A1 to F9, with A1 being the highest grade and F9 being the lowest. Students are required to pass at least five subjects, including English Language and a Mother Tongue Language.
  • Eligibility for Further Education: Students who clear the O-Level examination can apply for admission to Junior Colleges, Polytechnics, and Institutes of Technical Education. The eligibility criteria and requirements may vary depending on the institutions and courses applied for.
  • Preparing for O-Levels: Students in Singapore typically undergo intensive preparation for the O-Level examination, which may include additional tuition classes, mock exams, and numerous types of revision materials. Many students also attend specialized O-Level preparation courses to enhance their chances of success.
  • Importance of O-Level: The O-Level examination is an important examination that plays a vital role in determining students’ academic pathways in Singapore. Students are required to perform well to secure admission to their desired institutions and courses.

IP Math

The Integrated Programme (IP) in Singapore enrolls academically inclined Primary 6 graduates into a fast-tracked secondary education route that bypasses the O-Level exams. Its study topics and contents are also beyond the width and depth of the O-Level secondary curriculum. This 6-year IP curriculum will directly secure their seats for A-Levels or the International Baccalaureate at the end of their pre-university education.

How Integral Learning Academy Matches Your Needs:

Throughout the course of their study, students will be introduced to A-Level topics such as Functions in Raffles Girls’ School (RGS) or Permutations and Combinations in Temasek Junior College (TJC) as early as Year 3 or 4, giving them a head start and to build a strong foundation for Higher 2 (H2) Mathematics in JC.

  • Expertise in Specialized Programmes: Extremely niche pathways such as these may mean that it can be difficult or time-consuming to hunt for MOE-trained tutors capable of providing IP students the academic rigor required from their diverse curriculum. There is where you don’t have to look any further than Integral Learning Academy, whose IP math tutors are former full-time teachers at Raffles Institution (RI), one of the most highly-prized schools in Singapore. With the ability to impart knowledge clearly and concisely, our team of teachers are adept at simplifying complicated maths concepts to fast-track the learning of IP students.
  • Flexibility: We provide exclusive school-based math learning group time slots for IP students of the same level and institute, ensuring that your child is in tune with the current and relevant topics and material. In such focused learning settings, our highly qualified tutors are able to provide timely topical revision and essential assessments to adequately prepare your child before school weighted assessments (WAs) or end-of-year examinations.
  • Optimal Learning Conditions: Due to the accelerated pace in school, it is common for IP students to find it challenging to follow or cope academically. At Integral Learning Academy, we provide a conducive learning environment for IP students to revisit complex mathematical concepts, engage in meaningful discussions with our patient tutors and finally, apply their understanding in authentic examination contexts for a complete learning experience.

At Integral Learning Academy, our IP math tuition classes provide thorough, specialized and up-to-the-minute educational support using organized and condensed teaching and learning notes. With small class sizes limited to 6-8 students, our maths tutors work with the priority of providing individual attention to each of our IP student’s learning needs. Recognizing the extensive learning requirements of IP students, our dedicated tutors are also available 24/7 via WhatsApp to assist them with any urgent math questions.

JC H2 Math

A-Levels’ H2 mathematics is an exquisitely designed Singapore math curriculum for pre-university by the Ministry of Education (MOE). This is arranged for our local Junior College (JC) students in preparation for an array of demanding local and international university undergraduate programmes, across industries such as science, computing, and finance, where a solid background in advanced mathematics is essential. Hence, this JC maths syllabus is perceived to be much more intensive and challenging than the international A-Levels curriculum.

Almost every student in the JC science stream is required to enlist H2 Math as part of their subject combination, making this subject one of the most competitive areas to nail down in their A-Levels. This is why many students and parents seek additional educational support to strengthen and elevate their learning process.

How Integral Learning Academy Matches Your Needs:

  • Comprehensive Expertise: Our JC tutors were math teachers from Raffles Institution (RI). Equipped with the professional knowledge to help your child shine academically, our tutors are skilled in acquainting students with the ins and outs of advanced mathematical concepts steadily and easily. Our proven track record shows that more than 95% of the JC math students under our tutelage have either achieved an A or B grade, or a leap of at least three grades in their A-Level examinations. We have also produced numerous outstanding students through the years who have gone on to attain some of the best scores nationwide.
  • In-Step with School Curriculum: Integral Learning Academy’s programme structure is compatible with the school syllabus. In other words, we adapt our lessons to the sequence taught in school, providing timely classes that coordinate with your child’s pace in Junior College. By introducing this approach, we have been able to render immediate assistance to students who currently struggle in their school lectures and tutorials, as well as drive home crucial concepts with clarity and promptness.
  • Practical and Sensible Teaching Values: Our tuition centre does not advocate formula memorisation as part of our mathematic teaching-learning philosophy. Instead, we believe in focused summaries, topical examination questions, and discussions – an integral part of our lesson pedagogy to allow our learners a broad overview of the chapter concepts, whilst attaining a deep-seated understanding of their complexities. This practice aligns perfectly with our small class sizes of 8-9 students, as it means every tuition teacher can devote individualized attention and differentiated instructions to address diverse learning needs.
  • All-Rounded Assistance: School tests and examinations are crucial to the promotion of JC1 students, and serve as self-check tools for JC2 students prior to A-Levels. To meet the needs of our students, Integral Learning Academy offers comprehensive and intensive JC math revision programmes for both JC1 and 2 during holiday periods, supplemented with specially curated worksheets with common challenging topics, including Vectors, APGP, Applications of Integration, Permutations and Combinations and more.

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Are you a parent or a student? Learn more about us or our success stories by contacting us today, and we’ll be happy to share with you how our tuition teachers can make lessons fun, productive and valuable. From English, Sciences, to Math tuition classes and more, let us guide your child and prepare them for national level exams in addition to future local, international schools and other prospects. Join us on our learning journey now, where education is a delightful and thrilling pursuit for knowledge and an enriching part of your child’s life that they’ll remember for a lifetime.

We've Got Your Back.

Here’s why you should consider Integral Learning Academy.

Former RI & MOE Tutors

Our math tutors are former experienced teachers from RI, one of the most prestigious schools in Singapore. Our proven strategy can aid students in gaining competitive advantage in exams.

Exam Focused

We recognize that academic grades steer the future of your child. Effective examination-focused sessions are conducted to help each child peak in their academic performance.

Adapted To Your Schedule

With increasing commitments your child has in school, we conduct flexible sessions to suit your child's busy schedule.

Out-Of-Lesson Support

Our conducive study areas are complimentary for use by our students. Professional tutors will be around to assist them in their studies and revision.

Individualized Lesson Material

Every child is unique. Our exclusive lesson materials are specially designed to cater to your child's learning needs.

Latest Revision Notes

At Integral Learning Academy, we review the student's progress through formative assessments at timely intervals. We believe consistent feedback fosters improvements.

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Ansley TayAnsley Tay
15:58 07 Dec 22
Mr Clarence is a patient tutor who always puts in extra effort to make sure his students understand the math questions and concepts. Furthermore he... teaches us concepts that our college does not touch on which is helpful when it comes to solving questions more effectively. Being in Mr Clarence’s class allowed me to enjoy math more which was a great help getting through the past 2 years of junior more
claudia tangclaudia tang
09:09 06 Dec 22
Mr Clarence is a caring and patient tutor. He never fails to extend extra help outside tuition time to make sure that we understand the concepts. On... top of that, he would also provide us with snacks so that we can stay alert and focus during lessons. Hence, under his guidance, I understood the math concepts better and learnt how to tackle difficult questions efficiently. Thank you Mr Clarence!read more
04:34 13 Nov 22
Integral Learning Academy is a great tuition center. Although I had joined in the middle of the year, my teacher, Mr Alex had helped me within that... sort span of time to excel and ace my prelims. The O level Math papers felt easier to understand due to my recollection of his in-depth teachings and explanations of the different question more
Rayner TanRayner Tan
12:00 12 Nov 22
Mr Alex is very caring and patient in his teaching. He didn’t leave any student behind and really helped to answer all their questions! He also... helped to improve my math grade from a fail to an A!! He never fails to encourage his students and does his best in every lesson to help students understand and cope with his more
Jolyne GohJolyne Goh
09:23 22 Feb 22
I took maths and physics tuition in this centre, and both my teachers - Mr Clarence and Ms Laurent - were amazing! Mr Clarence is an incredibly... caring teacher who not only helped me to understand content, he also taught our class tips on how to score better in exams & certain topics. Likewise, Ms Laurent was a very attentive teacher who taught our class both concepts and answering techniques well, and encouraged us to do more practices. Through their help, I improved so much in both maths and physics at the A levels!read more