I was taught by Mr Cheng for about 2-3 years when I was in secondary school. I fervently remember him as a great teacher who is willing to go the extra mile for his students – I will never forget how he hand wrote notes for every single math topic and had them photocopied for the entire class. His notes were really succinct and useful, and it was also then, that I realised I learn so much better with consolidated notes like his. Mr Cheng would always ensure that we understood the concepts taught in class. Given his abundance in teaching experience, he was aware of the concepts which students tend to be confused about, and would spend time explaining them more thoroughly. His lessons were of a good pace and they were easy to follow. His dedication towards his students did not go unnoticed as well – he’s always more than willing to clear our doubts before and after class. I eventually got an A1 for math and even as I moved on to junior college, math remained my strongest subject – I also got an A for H2 math in A levels. Thank you Mr Cheng, for spurring my interest in this subject that many may deem boring/difficult, for playing a huge part in building my strong foundation in math and most of all, for your patience and thoughtfulness! I am really grateful to have been taught by you.